News from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

It will soon be the law for private landlords to have their properties’ electrical installations inspected every five years, fix any serious problems and give tenants and the council a copy of the report. This is part of the Government’s work to improve safety in all buildings, and councils will be able to issue large fines to landlords who do not comply. 

The Government is to introduce legislation as soon as parliamentary time allows, so it’s sensible for landlords to book in inspections and carry out any necessary remedial work as early as possible.

Electrical safety in rented properties is hugely important to tenants’ health and safety. It’s not just the risk of shocks, although there have been recent cases of private tenants dying due to electrocution. Most landlords will of course be very mindful of this and this new legislation will underpin the checks which many will already be undertaking as they endeavour to keep the properties that they let safe.